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Flower Collage - Bright -Insta - Oh So Tropical

Bright Florals

Welcome the tropical dry season or spring blooms with this colourful new palette in brilliant bright hues. Though we love muted and unexpected palettes here at Oh So Tropical, brights are back! It’s time to add pops of these wonderful colours in your home, workplace or wardrobe.

Breezy Days - Colour Palette - Oh So Tropical

Breezy Day Colours

On beautiful, breezy, tropical days I’m always thankful to see range of gorgeous blues and greens. These work so well in home decor and can bring the outside in.

Fresh Pumpkin - Colour Palette - Oh So Tropical

Fresh Pumpkin

Looking for a warmer, muted tropical palette? Find some inspiration from fresh food from the garden. These colours evoke memories of spicy scents and flavours of curries and Creole food of the Caribbean. Yum!

tracey chan orchidesque print

Orchidesque Print Launch

I can’t wait to have this piece on my wall! It’s a gorgeous floral digital and photo collage, designed with flowers from my garden. to share the start of a new series with you all. It’s been a long time coming for this Oh So Tropical collection. ¬†For more […]

Delightful Dessert - Oh So Tropical

Delightful Dessert

An easy, gorgeous dessert that’s refreshing, sweet with a touch of balsamic reduction for a nice tangy touch. Raspberry Balsamic Reduction with Watermelon 1. Ball your melon into serving cups or bowls. You can refrigerate before you serve. 2. The balsamic reduction is really easy though can be tricky if […]

Oh So Tropical Waterfall Garden

Waterfall Garden

Source : Inspiritus / All Things Heart and Home / Modern Landscaping / BHG

Oh So Tropical Pomegranate Party

Pomegranate Party

I love the rich deep colour of pomegranates and they make a gorgeous colour palette to events – weddings and parties alike! In the Caribbean, we don’t have Autumn/Fall, but the season shifts to maybe a little more rain and much cooler temperature at nights. The colour palettes don’t change […]